Kefalonia live music, events, festivals, church feasts, Greek nights and more

Kefalonia live music and events coming up soon. Please contact me if you know of more events all over Kefalonia and I will include them in my updates.

Svoronata on 4/12

Annual KATs Christmas Bazzar at Dum Spiro Spero Taverna in Svoronata with coffee, tea and homemade cakes.

From 12:00 until 15:00

Covid restrictions will apply.



Argostoli on 25/9

Choirs and mandolin groups entertaining at the Amphitheatre at the cruise ship pier (Bastouni). Start: 20:00

Argostoli on 19/9

Music evening dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis on the main square in Argostoli.

Lassi on 28/8

Live music in Lassi


Live music with Phil, Roj and Elly at Da Veronica Restaurant/Bar in Lassi. Start 21:30



Vlachata on 28/8

Concert at Vlachata square with Sonus Replica the Band playing Rock and Blues. Start 21:00

Argostoli on 28/8

Concert at the main square with the French singer Laurence Alessandri singing French, Greek, Iralian and Spanish songs. Start 21:00

Fragata on 27/8

Concert at Fragata square with Sonus Replica the Band playing Rock and Blues. Start 21:00

Argostoli on 25/8

Concert with songs of the sea at Napiers Garden. Start 21:00

Argostoli on 23/8

Dances in Argostoli


Traditional dances at the Amphitheatre in Argostoli (Bastouni cruise ship pier). Start 21:00


Botanical Garden Argostoli on 23/8

Full moon celebration with a music event in the Botanical Garden. Start: 21:00 Information and tickets: 26710 26595

Kastro on 21/8

Full moon celebration on the castle of St. George with Choir and mandolin. It is necessary to register by phone on 6974371531. Start 21:00 Arrival: 20:15

Argostoli on 21/8

Jazz evening at the bell tower square (Platia Kabanas) with the band Jass Quinteto. Start 21:00.

Poros on 20/8

Concert with the Kefalonian singers Angelos Andreatos and Melissa Markantonatou at Poros Square. Start 21:00.

Argostoli, Koutavos on 20/8

Argostoli Seaside Rock Festival. Local bands play Greek and international Rock. Start 21:00.

Kourkoumelata on 16/8

Concert with the Kefalonian singers Angelos Andreatos and Melissa Markantonatou. Start 21:00.

Argostoli on 13/8

Rock concert at the Xenia Courtyard with Stelios Magalio. Start 21:00

Lassi on 7/8

Summer Vibes Kefalonia

Summer Vibes at Ozzie’s Grill Bar, organized by the Kefalonian International Organization. Fundraiser for the Orphanage’s roof repair.

Kids games with prizes, Hot dog stand, cake & coffee stand, raffle, open bar and food.

Start 12:00-16:00  Entrance: 2 Euro (includes a raffle for a door prize)



Argostoli 31/7 -2/8

Photo exhibition of pre-earthquake Kefalonia in the theatre of Argostoli. Entrance free. Hours: 10:00-13:00 & 20:00-23:00

Lourdata on 31/7

Festival of wine and local products at the beach. Start: 21:00

Argostoli 31/7

Live music with the band Buenaventura in the main square of Argostoli. Start: 21:30

St George Kastro 30 & 31/7

“Kefalonian Stories”, inspired by the book of A. Skiadaresis and the life of the Kefalonian satirist Andreas Laskaratos, brought to life by the actors M. Vlavianou, M. Tsima, A. Arseni and K. Markatos. Entrance: 3 Euro. Start: 21:15

Skala on 30/7

Live music with the band Buenaventura in the main square of Skala. Start: 21:30

Sami on 28/7

Classical music concert at Sami Beach (near Fishing Shelter). Start: 21:00

Argostoli and other villages 21-25/7

Week of traditional culture (only some of the events that are taking place)

21/7  Main square Argostoli: 21:00 traditional dances, 21:30 Puppet theatre for kids

23/7 21:00 traditional dances (main square Argostoli), 21:30 musical walk through the pedestrian road Lithostroto to the main square of Argostoli.

23/7 Kourkoumelata: Theatre for children. Entrance: 5 Euro Start: 21:00

23/7 Poros square: Music evening with traditional Kantades. Start: 21:00

23/7 Skala square: Puppet theatre for children. Start: 21:00

24&25/7 Main square Argostoli: Exhibition of 19th-century traditional clothes shown on 100 dolls. Start: 21:00

24/7 Main square Argostoli: Philharmonic orchestra and traditional dances. Start: 21:00

24/7 Spartia, in the “To Sparto” yard: Live Southern Rock, Blues and Rock n’ Roll with Sonus Repicla The Band. Start: 21:30

25/7 Argostoli main square: Music event with the singers A. Andreatos, M. Markantonatou and band. Start: 21:30

25/7 Poros amphitheatre: Theatre for children. Entrance: 5 Euro. Start 21:00

Argostoli on 19/7

Show with the magician Sankara in the Xenia Yard. Entrance: 10 Euro (pre-sale 8 Euro)  Start: 21:00

Skala on 16/7

Live Southern Rock, Blues and Rock n’ Roll with the Sonus Repicla The Band in the Central Square of Skala. Start: 21:00

Argostoli on 10/7

Live Southern Rock, Blues and Rock n’ Roll with the Sonus Repicla The Band in the Xenia Yard. Start: 21:30

Lassi on 4/7

Live event Kefalonia


Live music at Da Veronica Bar with Elly, Phil and Roj.




Argostoli 22-28/6

Greek-Serbian workshop. Every day from 21:00 to 22:30 Greek and Serbian artists will create works in front of the former Bank of Greece near the square. Also, daily music events and dances will take place.

Tuesday, 22/6: Concert with Drowning in Sand

Wednesday, 23/6: Concert with G.Evangelatos, N.Anagnostopoulos, G.Galiatsatos

Wednesday, 24/6: Concert with the band Abesadze

Friday, 25/6: Dance by the association of Fokata and a concert by the Argostoli Philharmony

Saturday, 26/6: Dance from the ballet of E. Livieratou

Monday, 28/6: Exhibition of the works of Greek and Serbian artists in the courtyard of the former Bank of Greece.

Car exhibition by the Volkswagen club on the sidewalk

Skala on 20/6

2021 Event Skala


The Ammos Beach Bar starts its first event of the summer with DJ Spiros Starkatos.

Start: 12pm


Lakithra on 18/6/2021

Events Kefalonia


The Mescalero Bar celebrates its 10th birthday with live music by Phil, Roj and Elly.

Start: 21:00 – 00:00


Argostoli 17/6 – 23/6/2021

CINE ANNY opens again for the summer. From Thursday 17/6 until Wednesday 23/6 the outdoor cinema will show the film “Nomadland”. Start: 21:30


Katelios on 1/11

KATS book sale in Jerry’s Elliniko Restaurant. Books, bric-a-brac, household items, clothes for sale. Refreshments, coffee, tea and snacks & cakes available. Please bring your own mug, plastic bag for the books etc.  From 11:00 until 12:30

Lakithra on 15/10

October event Kefalonia

Last performance in 2020. Yiannimac & Sarah live at Mescalero Bar.

Start: around 21:00


Svoronata (moved to) 27/9

Beer festival Kefalonia

Kefalonian Oktoberfest: Beer festival with a Greek twist at Legends Bar.

Beer in 1-liter stein glasses and German and Greek sausages will be served.

Start: 19:30

All proceeds go to KIO (Kefalonia International Organization)



Svoronata on 29/8

Bazaar at Legends Bar Kefalonia

Summer bazaar at Legends Bar with brick a brack stands, food and raffle.

All proceeds go to Kefalonia International Organization.

Start: 11:30


Argostoli on 7/8

Live music at Koutavos Lagoon with Sonus Replica. Start 20:30. Entrance free.

Lakithra on 6/8

Bazaar in Lakithra

Second-hand bazaar for clothes, shoes and accessories on the terrace of Mescalero bar. Donate up to 3 pieces. The money will be given to people in need.

From 20:00 – 23:00

Argostoli on 3/8

Live music in Kefalonia

Drowning in Sand live at the Koutavos Lagoon.


Entrance free

Argostoli on 30/7

Peratzada in Lithostroto and Kabana square. Singers of traditional Kantades are walking through the  Pedestrian street and Kabana square. Start: 21:30

Lakithra, Amphitheater Kallithea on 26/7

A documentary about the history of dances in Kefalonia. It will highlight also the variety of European dances that were popular on the island.

Afterwards, singers will perform Kefalonian and Eptanisiaka Kantades. Starting time not mentioned in the programme.

Svoronata from 28/6 onwards

Bar opening 2020 Kefalonia


Legend’s Bar will be open every Sunday.

From 13:00 until late evening.



Svoronata on 6/6

Fund raising at Legends Bar


Fund raising at Legend’s Bar for Kefalonia International Organization.

There will be a stand with international sweet and savoury treats.

From 12:00 – 16:00


Lixouri on 29/2

Lixouri live music

Live music at the Yacht Club.

Alkaios Sougioul & the Soirέ.

Rempetiko, Laikό and Greek songs.

Start: after the evening parade from 23:00-2:00     Entrance: 10 Euro

Svoronata on 29/2

Karnavali at Legends Bar

Karnavali Party at Legends Bar with live music, Raffle, costume prizes and snacks.

Proceeds go to KIO (Kefalonia International Organization).

Start: 19:00


Poros on 23/2

Carnival in Poros 2020

Carnival in Poros with parade, traditional dances and magician Oscar.

Parade starts at 14:00  (Facebook ad says Carnival starts at 10:00)


Argostoli on 22/2 (postponed due to illness)

Kefalonia live music

Drowning In Sand live at K63 Bar.

Start: 22:00

Kourkoumelata on 16/2

Carnival Kourkoumelata

Carnival in Kourkoumelata.

11:00 Children’s Carnival

12:30 Carnival Parade

Live music at the Kourkoumelata stadium. Soft drinks and Souvlakia available.


Lixouri on 15/2

Live music Lixouri


E. Edwards and G. Vlachoulis live at the Yacht Club.

Start: 22:00


Argostoli on 15/2

Guitar concert Argostoli

Guitar concert at Kefalos Theater with the Santa Barbara Guitar Orchestra.

Start: 21:00


Poros on 8/2

Flik Event Poros

FLIK event: Tzanata tombs & Lunch-time Quiz. A guide will give information about the tomb’s history followed by a quiz in Pantelis Taverna in Poros. Book sale & Raffle, lunch & drinks available. From 12:00-16:00

Argostoli on 2/2

Live event in Argostoli

Laternative live at Rebelio Kefalonia.

Start: 21:00

Katelios on 2/2

Live music Katelios

In the mood for rock: live at Στου Τσιγκρή (Stou Tsigri)Stelios Magalios.

Start: 22:30



Lixouri on 1/2

Live music in Lixouri

Live music at  Yacht Club with Dimitris Aragiannis and Dionysis Fragopoulos on piano and guitar to remember the old times.

Start: 22:00


Argostoli on 1/2

Live music at Kefalos Theatre Argostoli

The Beatles Live Tribute Band playing at the Kefalos Theatre in Argostoli.

Start: 21:00    Entrance: 15 Euro

Argostoli on 25/1

Live music in Argostoli

Lia Hide live at K63

Start: 22:00


Argostoli on 18/1

Live music in Argostoli in January

Live at K63: Drowning in Sand

Start: 22:00


Lakithra on 12/1

A lazy Sunday in Kefalonia

Lazy Sunday at Mescalero Bar.

Start: 14:00



Argostoli on 11/1

Live music in Argostoli

active member live at K63.

Start: 22:00                  Entrance: 10 Euro

Epiphany on 6/1

Blessing of the waters and diving for the holy cross:

  • at the Argostoli bridge
  • at Agia Pelagia in Svoronata
  • at the harbour of Pessada
  • at Sami harbour
  • at Agia Efimia

Lakithra on 4/1

Charity event Kefalonia

FLIK fundraising lunch at To Psitiri grill house with Souflaki, drinks, cake, coffee and tea.

New year quiz, Raffle, book-DVD- and cake sale.

From 13:00 – 16:00

Argostoli, Leivathos area & Sami on 1/1

In the morning Philharmonic orchestras will be playing in Argostoli, Sami (and surrounding villages) and the Leivathos area.

Lakithra on 31/12

New year Kefalonia Mescalero live music


New Year Party at Mescalero Bar with Phil on the decks.



Argostoli on 31/12

From the morning onwards there will be events and music along Lithostroto and the squares. There is the Philharmonic Orchestra and groups of singers singing Kalanda and Kantades.

18:30 Men’s and children choirs at the square and along Lithostroto.

19:00 The Philharmonic Orchestra Argostoli plays at Platia Kabanas and in Lithostroto.

Pilaros area on 31/12

The Philhaomonic Orchastra of Sami plays Christmas melodies and Kalanda in the Pilaros area.