Kefalonia live music, events, festivals, church feasts, Greek nights and more

Kefalonia live music and events coming up the next days. Please contact me if you know of more events all over Kefalonia and I will include them in my updates.

Svoronata on 24/11

Karaoke at Legends bar

Karaoke Night at Legends Bar.

Start: 19:30


Svoronata on16/11

Charity event in KefaloniaFLIK fundraising event: Books, Coffee & Cake at The Retreat in Svoronata.

Donations of cakes and books are most welcome. 10:00-13:00

Lakithra on 15/11

live at mescalero bar

Live at Mescalero Bar: Elly, Phil and Roj

Mescalero will be closed from 16-25/11


Svoronata on 8/11

Line dance every Thursday at 16:00 at Legends Bar.

Lakithra on 4/11

Nancy and Costas in Mescalero Bar.


Svoronata on 31/10

Halloween in Kefalonia

Halloween Party at Legends Bar in Svoronata. 3 Euro entrance, all money from entrance fee, food sales and raffle go to Kefalonia Animal Aid Network.

Start: 20:00

Travliata on 18/10

Event in Svoronata

Mr & Mrs game show night in aid of FLIK.

Fun evening with Raffle Prizes.

Entrance: suggested donation of 5 Euro.

Start: doors open at 20:00

Skala on 13/10

Hollis live with Rock and Pop at the Tesoro Blu Hotel in Skala. Start: around 21:00

Lakithra on 11/10

Music at Mescalero Bar

Live music with Yianimac & Sarah at Mescalero Bar.

Start: around 21:00

Skala on 29/9

Hollis live with Rock and Pop at the Tesoro Blu Hotel in Skala.

Svoronata on 21/9

Hollis live with Rock and Pop at Sotiris Hotel in Svoronata.

Skala on 27/8

Music walk through the roads of Skala. Musicians sing traditional Kantades and Ariettes. Start: 20:00

Fokata on 25/8

“Sardine Festival” with wine, sardines and music with the Serbian band Abrasevic. Start:21:00

All day feast at Assos on 24/8

In the morning: Music and celebration of the icon of St. Kosmas.

In the evening: Musicians and serenaders sing the traditional Kantades from illuminated boats in the bay of Assos. Start at 21:30

“Meatpie Festival” in Tzannata on 24/8

Kreatopita feast with live music and dances at Tzannata square. Start: 20:30

Assos on 23/8

Swimming contest as part of the celebration of St. Kosmas. It takes place in the bay of Assos, from the beach to the cave.

Sami central square on 22/8

Greek music and dance on the central square. Start: 21:00

Argostoli central square on 22/8

A journey through Kefalonian music from traditional Kantades to newer Greek songs.Start 21:30

Lixouri central square on 21/8

A journey through Kefalonian music from traditional Kantades to newer Greek songs.Start 21:30

Argostoli on 21/8

Music walk from Kabana Square along the harbour front to the main sqaure of Argostoli. Musicians sing traditional Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes. Start: 21:00

Themata (above Agia Efimia) on 20/8

Traditional feast with food and live music at the forest of Themata. Start:19:30

Argostoli central square on 19/8

“Veggera”, Open Art Installation. Start: 9:30

Fragata on 18 & 19/8

2-day Robola wine festival with music and dance, food and lots of free wine. Start: 20:30

Barkarola in Lourdas on 18/8

Musicians and serenaders sing the traditional Kantades from illuminated boats at the beach of Lourdas. Start at 21:00

Traditional feasts on 17/8

Traditional Panigiria with music, dance, food and drinks in Monopolata and Dilinata.

Fiskardo on 17/8

Fishbone Bar live musicLive at the Fishbone Bar: Aaron Brooks.

Start: 22:00

Traditional Feasts on 16/8

Traditional Panigiria with music, dance, food and drinks in Skala and Pirgi.

Agios Gerasimos Church Omala 15/16Aug

On the 15/8 the big church is open all through the night. The casket with the holy relics of St.Gerasimos has been transferred to the big church and is open. The bazaar/market near the church can be visited all night.

The procession with the holy relics of St. Gerasimos takes place on 16/8 in the morning (around 11:00 / 12:00).

Traditional Feasts (Panigiria) on 15/8

Traditional feasts with music, dance, food and drinks in Haliotata, Kapandriti and Komitata (2-day feast).

Traditional Feasts (Panigiria) on 14/8

Traditional feasts with music, dance, food and drinks in Simotata, Arginia, Markopoulos, Pastra and at the monastery Anatolikou near Agia Efimia

Lourdata – Lourdas Beach on 12/8

Loudas Beach Colour Festival

2nd Lourdas Beach Colour Festival.

19:00 – 03:00

Valsamata – Wine festival on 11&12/8

Music, dance, food and free wine on the 2 nights of the yearly wine festival. Start at 21:00

Poros – at Poros square on 6/8

Traditional Panigiri with music and dance. Start: 21:00

Grisata – at the old school yard on 6/8

Traditional feast with live music, food and drink in Grisata (near Sami).

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 5/8

Rock  Acoustic Live at Legends Bar. Start: 21:30

Argostoli – Botanical Garden on 4/8

Jazz at the lake. Start: 21:30

Skala – streets of Skala on 3/8

Musicians walking through the streets of Skala singing the traditional Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes. Start:21:30

Old Vlachata – Saristra Festival from 3-6/8

Music and Arts Festival Kefalonia Music and Arts Festival in Old Vlachata near Sami. Summer festival with arts, work shops, music and films.

Poros square- Live music on 31/7

Rewind the Band live at Poros square with Greek Rock, Pop and RocknRoll.

Start: 21:30

SeaNema Open Air Film Festival 30/7 – 2/8

30/7: Start of the film festival at Platis Gialos Beach in Lassi and Fikia Beach in Lixouri at 21:00.

For 4 days, on various beaches around the island, you can watch international and Greek films. Entrance free.

The whole programme can be found on

Lixouri – Harbour front on 30/7

Fish Festival with dance, wine, music and fish snacks.

Start: 21:00

Svoronata – Ai Helis Beach on 29/7

Beach Party Ai Helis Kefalonia

Beach Party at Watermill Beach Bar at Ai Helis beach.

Start: 16:00


Argostoli – Live music at 90 Degrees Bar

Live music in Argostoli

Wednesday: Greek music

Friday: Greek Rock music

Saturday: Rock music

Start: 22:00


Lakithra – Traverso Festival at Kalithea on 20-22/7

Traverso Festival 2018

3rd Traverso Festival in Lakithra at Kalithea.  3 days with international and traditional music, dances and theater.

Start: every evening at 20:30

On 22/7 there will be a traditional feast with food and drinks…everybody brings something to be shared with all.

Lassi – Da Veronica Bar on 20/7

Phil & Roj live with Pop and Rock. Start: 21:30

Rasata – 2-day festival on 19/7 & 20/7

Traditional church feast (Panigiri) with wine, food,live  music and dance on 19/7. On 20/7 : live traditional music with “Laika Dromena”.

Vlachata – Panigiri on 17/7

Traditional festival with wine, food, live music and dance. Start: 20:30

Poros square- Sardine Festival on 15/7

Festival with wine, Sardines, music and dance. Start: 21:00

Korianna – Panigiri on 14/7

Traditional festival in Korianna with music, drink and food. Start: 20:30

Skala – Pikiona on 13/7

Elphi live at Pikiona Bar.

From 21:00 to 23:30



Sami – Traditional dances on 12/7 & 13/7

Two days of traditional dances and live music in Sami. Start: 21:00

Agia Efimia –  Traditional Festival on 11/7

Litany of the sacred icon and traditional festival afterwards with live music, drink and food. Start: 20:00

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 11/7

Brothers in Farms live


Live at Mescalero Bar : Brothers in Farms

Star: 21:30



Lourdas – every Tuesday at Andromeda

Greek Night Lourdas

Every Tuesday Greek Night with live music and dancers. Buffet: 14,95    Start:20:15

Argostoli – Open theatre at “Bastouni” (cruise ship landing place) on 8/7

Art&Style Dance Studio presents a variety of modern and classic dances. Start: 19:30

Lixouri – Central Square on 7/7

Summer Dance Week. Dance performance by Greek and international dance groups. Start: 20:00

Magganas – Ionio Taverna

Every Wednesday live Greek music.

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 5/7

Live in Lakithra

Yiannimac & Sarah live at Mescalero Bar. Start: 21:00



Svoronata – Legends Bar on 2/7

Quiz night in Svoronata

Quiz night at Legends Bar. Free entry and prices.

Start: 21:00



Lourdata – Lourdata school yard on 1/7

Panigiri / church feast with live music, dance, food and drink. Starting in the evening until late.

Svoronata – Astra Village on 28/6

Astra Village Greek dances

Live Greek music and traditional dances at the Elia Restaurant of Astra Village.

19:30 – 22:00


Skala – Pikiona Bar on 21/6

Hollis live at Pikiona Bar with Rock and Roll.

Svoronata – Sotiris Hotel on 21/6

Live at Sotiris Hotel


Live at Sotiris Hotel. Elly, Phil and Roj.



Skala – Anassa Hotel on 19/6

Rock & Roll live with Hollis at Anassa.

Skala – Pikiona Bar on 14/6

Rock & Roll live with Hollis at Pikiona Bar on Skala Beach.      Start: 21:00

Fiskardo – Fishbone Bar on 14/6

Rock and blues in Fiskardo

Live at the Fishbone Bar

Johnny Vavouras live with Rock & Blues

Start: 22:00

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 14/6

Live at the Mescalero roof

Roof opening at Mescalero and live music with Sarah.

Start: 21:00



Lassi – Olive Garden on 8/6

Live event Olive Garden

Live at Olive Garden: Singapore Strings

Start: 20:30


Sami – Traditional church festival on 3/6

Church feast  in Sami with live music, traditional dances, food and drinks.

Start at 21:00 in the port police area.

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 3/6

Rock Trio at Mescalero Bar


Rock Trio live at Mescalero Bar.

Start: 21:30


Skala – Pikiona Restaurant/Bar on 31/5

Live music by Hollis. Open air music night.

Svoronata – Sotiris Hotel on 30/5

Live music at Sotiris Hotel and Village. Food, drinks and a lovely location. Start: 21:00

Skala – Tresoro Blu Hotel on 26/5

Jerry Hollis live at Tresoro Blu Hotel. Start around 21:00.

Svoronata – Astra Village Elia Restaurant on 24/5

Greek night in Elia Restaurant of Astra Village with live Greek music.

Greek Night at Astra VillageBuffet with grilled meat, salads, starters and side dishes. 20:00 – 23:00


Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 24/5

kefalonia live


Sarah live at Mescalero.

Start: 21:00

Lassi – Da Veronica Bar on 19/5

Live music in Lassi

Live music every Saturday at Da Veronica Bar in Lassi.


Lourdas – Bar 360 on 18/5

Quiz night at Bar 360 at 21:00.

General knowledge Quiz.

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 18/5

Hollis Rock Show at Legends Bar.

Start: 21:00

Argostoli – Cine Anny on 17/5

oudoors cinemaThe open-air cinema Cine Anny opens on 17/5 with the film “Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”.

Start: 21:30

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 12/5

Live at Legends Bar


Live music from 50’s, 50’s and 70’s with Keith at Legends Bar.

Entry and food charges go to Flik Charity.

Start: 19:00


Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 10/5

Live event Lakithra

Live at Mescalero Bar : Yiannimac, Sarah and guest singer.

Start around 21:00


Spartia – Ag. Nikolaos / Klimatsia beach on 1st of May

1st of May Kefalonia

Traditional dances, food, drink and an exhibiton of local products and flowers at Agios Nikolaos/Klimatsia, organized by the Association “Sparto”.

Sports games for children between 5-18 years old.

Start: 11:00

Lourdas Beach on 1st of May

Music and traditional dances at Lourdas Beach. Start at 11:00am.

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 22/4

Live event Kefalonia


Lazy Sunday live music at Mescalero Bar with D. Kalafatis

Start: 15:00


Svoronata – Dum Spiro Spero Taverna on 21/4

Flik event at dum Sprio Spero taverna in Svoronata

Flik Fun Day with children’s fancy dress and face painting. Also with spring hat, cake and horticulture competitions.

There will be coffee, tea and beers as well as a cake stall.

From 13:00-16:00

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 12/4

Live at Mescalero Bar


Live music with Elly, Phil and Roj at the Mescalero Bar in Lakithra.


Argostoli – Libretto on 10/4

Live at Libretti in Argostoli

Live music with Nancy and Kostas at Libretto in Argostoli.

Start: 21:30



Mavrata – Community Center on 1/4

In aid of the local firefighters: there will be traditional music, dancing and fried fish at the Community Center in Mavrata.

Start: 13:00

Katelios – Lighthouse Restaurant on 31/3

KATs spring Bazaar. Many stalls will offer a variety of goods, there will be refrehments, coffees and teas, pastries, cakes and sandwiches. Also there will be a raffle with some great prizes.

Starting at 11:00 until 14:00

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 30/3

Quiz Night in Legends Bar Kefalonia

General knowledge Quiz at Legends Bar.

Free entry. Start: 20:30

Prizes for the winning team.

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 29/3

Live music Mescalero Bar Kefalonia

Phil & Roj playing in Mescalero Bar.

Start : around 21:00


Travliata –  Stateri on 23 & 24/3

Fete Fatale – Murder Mystery. With fete side stalls, meze dinner and disco. Tickets for 10 Euro are on sale at the FLIK annual meeting or one of the cast members (contact Donna). Doors open at 18:00, start at 19:00.

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 17/3

Live music at Mescalero barPhil, Roj & Elly at Mescalero on Saturday for Ernie Gregory’s birthday celebration.

Start: around 21:00

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 16/3

Music Quiz in SvoronataMusic Quiz with Keith. Teams of 4 suggested and a 10 Euro donation per team for FLIK.

Start: 20:30

Airport – Minies on 11/3

Airport runs over 1km, 5km and 10km. Start 11:00. Registration fees go to the “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” program. Interested parties can register at

Argostoli – Nobacco shop in Lithostroto

As I wrongly wrote in the facebook group Kefalonia Unplugged that the shop with the e-cigarettes and fluids is closed, I want to announce also on this page: The Nobacco Shop is open, it just moved across the road!

E-cigarettes Kefalonia

E-Cigarettes, fluids, bags, wallets and more in the Vapor shop in Argostoli’s pedestrian road near Kambana Square.


Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 1/3

Kefalonia live event

Katelios – Jerry’s Elliniko on 18/2

KATs book, clothes and bric-a-brac sale. Refreshments (tea, coffee, Irish Cream coffee), pastries and cake available.

Any household goods, bags, suitcases, clothes, jewellery, shoes etc are welcome. Funds are going towards animal charity KAT.

11:00am to 12:30pm

Some Kefalonia Carnival dates

Sunday, 11/2 in Poros at 14:30

Sunday, 11/2 children’s carnival in Lixouri at 12:00

Sunday, 11/2 carnival with traditional dances in Lakithra at 15:00

Friday, 16/2  evening parade in Argostoli at 19:00

Friday, 16/2 evening parade in Lixouri at 20:00

Sunday, 18/2 in Argostoli at 15:00

Sunday, 18/2 in Lixouri at 15:15

Kathara Devtera, 19/2: Events with music, dance, food and drinks in the squares of Lixouri, Agia Efimia, Sami and Skala.

In Svoronata at Koutoupas Taverna there will be live music and traditional dances, with the meal for 5 Euro and free wine.


Svoronata – Legends Bar on 16/2

Kefalonia Carnival

FLIK’s charity carnival party at Legends Bar. Be creative, the best costume wins.

Entrance fee of 3 Euro includes snacks and is going towards the hospital fund raising. Start: 19:00

Lakitra – Mescalero Bar on 8/2

Carnival Party Lakithra, Kefalonia

Carnival party at Mescalero Bar with prizes for the best costume.

Live music by Phil, Roj and Elly.

Starts around 21:00

Katelios – Jerry’s Elliniko on 4/2

KATS book sale Katelios

KATs book and clothes sale to raise money for the Kefalonia Animal Trust.

There will be refrehments, teas, coffee and cake. Please bring your own mug to avoid using plastic cups.

From 11:00 until 12:30

Argostoli – 2nd EPAL school on ring street 3/2

ARK and Singapore strings Argostoli

ARK Animal Rescue Kefalonia invites everybody to the new year’s cake and presents the Singapore strings for live music.

Buffet, raffle and live music from 19:00.

Dog’s food donations are always welcome.

Lourdas – Andromeda Restaurant on 3/2

Dinner and Dance in Lourdas, Kefalonia

FLIK’s new year’s cake cutting with dinner and dance in Lourdas.

Greek band & DJ for both Greek and English music.

Included in the price of 15 Euro is a meal (also vegetarian option available).

Please book with Donna: 6972196200

Svoronata – Legends Bar on 25/1

Darts tournament Kefalonia

Flik Darts Tournament at Legends Bar. Tea, Coffee and cakes available as well as lunch platters at the bar.

Entry: 2 Euro per person, starting from 12:00 until late

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 11/1

Live music Kefalonia Greece

Phil and Roj live at Mescalero Bar with Elphie to join in later.

From 21:00 – 00:00


Argostoli – Square One Bar on 22/12

Music event in Argostoli

Music at Square One Bar (main square Argostoli) with Peter Lee.

Start at 20:00.



Svoronata – Legends Bar all through December

Legends Bar Svoronata

Open every Saturday from 14:00 for Premier League.

Sundays from 10:30 for coffee and cake mornings.

December 31st New Years Eve Party with Holli’s Rock show.

Argostoli – Christmas Bazaar 8-11/12

Christmas Bazaar Kefalonia

Bazaar of the Charokopeio workshop with traditional embroideries and needle works.

Place: Charokopou Str.60

Friday to Monday: 9:00-14:00 and 17:00-19:00

Lourdas – Community Center on 9/12

Christmas Fayre by 4 Paws Kefalonia

Christmas Fayre organized by the animal welfare organisation 4PAWS.

10:00 -13:00

Svoronata – Dum Spiro Spero Taverna on 2/12

Kefalonia Animal Trust

Christmas Fayre organized by the Kefalonia Animal Trust (Kat).

Tombola, Raffle, Coffee, Cakes and get together with (old and new) friends.

Christmas decorations and more to buy.

12:00 – 15:00


Mythos – Travliata on 24/11 & 25/11


Pantomime, dinner, disco at the Mythos in Travliata

Doors open at 18:00, start at 19:00

Ticket pre order: call  6949323042 or 6933341528

Entrance : 15 Euro for adults, 10 Euro for children 5-12 years

Argostoli – Square One on 11/11

Music event Argostoli

Karaoke night at Square One Bar

Start at 22:00

Entrance: 2 Euro



Argostoli – Draught Bar every Thursday

Rock at Draught Bar Argostoli

Every Thursday Rock evening at Draught Bar




Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 9/11

Live music Lakithra

Live music with Elphi at Mescalero Bar




Acropolis – Svoronata on 3/11

Singapore strings live at the Acropolis Bar in Svoronata.

From 21:00 until 23:30

Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 26/10

Live at Mescalero Bar Lakithra

Live at Mescalero Bar Phil and Roj (and Elfie for some songs).


Omala – Agios Gerasimos Feast 19-20/10

Agios Gerasimos church

19/10 Transfer of St Gerasimos to the new church after 17:00.

Liturgy from 20:30 onwards.

Bazaar from afternoon through the night next to the church.

20/10 Procession from the church along the road to the old plane tree around 11:00.

Peratata – Stateri on 19/10

Kefalonia live event

Stamatis Gonidis live at Stateri on 19/10.              Start at 23:00


Svoronata – Charity event in Koutoupas Taverna on 14/10

Charity event in SvoronataKefalonia’s got Talent – Charity event in aid of Flik.

Entrance: 5 Euro donation suggested

Start at 20:00


 Argostoli – Bass Club on 7/10

Argostoli live music

Giorgos Liatis live at Bass Club.

Start: after midnight

Entrance free




Lakithra – Mescalero Bar on 5/10

Live event Lakithra

Live music with Phil, Elly and Roj at Mescalero Bar in Lakithra.


Manganos – Ionion Taverna

Live Greek music every Wednesday

Lassi – Kefalonia Northern Soul Week in Trentis Bar 2/9 – 12/9

Northern Soul in LassiNorthern Soul every evening from 22:00 until the early hours at Trentis Bar on the main strip in Lassi.



Argostoli – Rockomeladiko on 8/9

Live at Rockomeladiko Argostoli


Lia Hide Trio live at the Rockomeladiko.

Start at 22:00



Dilinata – Panigiri on 7/9

Feast of the Virgin Mary in the evening.

Lassi – Aqua Marina Restaurant on 7/9 & 11/9

Greek music and dance on Wednesday

Quiz night on Monday

Fiskardo – Live music in the Fishbone Bar on 7/9

Fiskardo live event

Lia Hide Trio live at the Fishbone Bar in Fiskardo.

Start at 22:00


Lassi – Paliostafida Beach on 6/7

Lassi Beach Party at Paliostafida Beach

Full moon beach party at Paliostafida beach in Lassi.

Start at 19:00.




Skala – Ammos Beach Bar on 2/9

Skala Beach Party


Party at Ammos Beach Bar.

Start at 23:00


Argostoli – Rockomeladiko on 1/9

Kefalonia live event

BooZer Groove live at the Rockomeladiko with Funk, Jazz, Rock and Blues.

Start at 22:00


Elfie, Phil and Roj gigs for Summer 2017:

Mondays – Sotiris Hotel in Svoronata (20:15 – 23:00)

Tuesdays – Da Veronica Bar in Lassi (21:30 – 24:00)

Fridays – Pikiona Restaurant Bar in Skala (21:00 – 23:30)

Friday,  7-7 / 11-8 / 1-9  Muses Bar in Lourdas (21:30 – 24:00)


Taverna Vegera  in VassilikadesLive music at Taverna Vegera

Every Tuesday and Saturday live music and BBQ with spit-roasted specialities.

On Tuesdays wine festival with open wine and free refills.

Argostoli – Art Exhibition at the Theatre 25/8 – 28/8

Paintings by Nelli Constandaki-Hioni. The proceeds of the exhibition will be offered to the Korgialenios Library. Opening hours 19:00-22:00.

Zervata (near Sami) – Festival on 26/8

Village festival with music, dance, food and drink.

Skala and Poros – Musical Walk on 26/8

Musicians walk through Skala and Poros, singing traditional Kantades and Ariettes.

Start in Skala: 20:00    Start in Poros: 22:00

Assos – Church feast and Barkarola on 24/8

Feast of Saint Kosmas of Aitolou with a procession of the Icon in the morning.

Barkarola with musicians and serenaders singing the traditional Kantades and songs of the sea from boats in the port of Assos in the evening, starting at 21:30

Karavados – Agios Thomas Beach on 19/8

Beach Party Kefalonia

Tratamento Beach Bar Party at Agios Thomas beach. Start at 17:00


Fragata  –  Robola Wine Festival on   18 -19/8

Two nights of music, dance, BBQ and free Robola wine at the square of Fragata.

Lixouri – Music festival at the old stadium on 18/8

Lixouri FestivalQuake Festival Lixouri.

Start at 18:00


Pyrgi – Panigiri at the village’s church yard on 16/8

Village festival in the evening with food, music and dance.

Omala Valley at St Gerasimos church on 16/8

Agios Gerasimos churchSt Gerasimos’ day with a procession around 11:00am on 16/8.

From the night before (on 15/8) the big church is open for prayers through the night. St Gerasimos’ body is now in the big church. A big bazar can be visited all night from early evening onwards.

Komitata (above Agia Efimia) on 15/8

Feast with live music and dance in the evening.

Markopoulos – Church feast on the evening of 14/8

Feast at the church of “Panagia tis Lagouvardas”. This is the feast of the snakes.

Lassi – Gradakia Beach on 13/8

Beach Party at Gradakia BeachBeach Party at Gradakia Beach Bar.

Start at 16:00



Lassi – Live music at the Sirtaki Garden on 12/8

Live music in Lassi KefaloniaGrupo Bunaventura perfoms with latin american rythms in Sirtaki Garden in Lassi.

Start at 21:00


Valsamata – at the 40 wells on 11/8 & 12/8

Wine Festival Valsamata Kefalonia

Wine festival with 2 nights of live music, dance, BBQ and free Robola wine.

Starting at 21:00 with open end.


Spartia – Cubic square festival on 12/8  POSTPONED

Singapore Strings and Sonus Replica performing on Spartia square. Start at 21:00

Agia Efimia – Live at the Carena Bar on 11/8

Live music in Agia EfimiaGrupo Buenaventura perform at Carena Bar with latin american rythms.

Start at 22:30




Lixouri – Barkarola on 11/8

Musicians and serenaders sing the traditional Kantades from illuminated boats in the harbour of Lixouri. Start at 21:30

Troianata – Festival of Moustalevria on 10/8

Feast of the vine harvest Kefalonia

Festival with traditional music, presentation of the traditional way of treading the grapes and producing the must.

Start at 21:00


Faraklata Stadium- Kostas Hatzis on 10/8

Hatzis in concert Kefalonia

Concert with Kostas Hatzis in Faraklata Stadium.

Start at 21:30


 Argostoli – Bass Club on 10/8

Vrettos live in ArgostoliIlis Vrettos live at Bass Club.

Entrance: 15 Euro, including one drink

Start at 24:00


Livathos – Kastro “St George”- August’s Full Moon Celebration on 8/8

Kefalonia event

“The other Side of the Moon”, August celebration with music dedicated to Manos Hatzidakis in the Kastro.

Entrance free. Start at 21:30

Argostoli – Rockomeladiko on 8/8

Kefalonia eventRock music live by the Blackbirds. Start at 22:30


Argostoli on 8/8

Kantades group walking from the bridge along the harbour front, over to Kabana square and along the pedestrian road, singing Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes. Start at 21:30


Valeriano – Koroni Hill Bar above Koroni Beach on 6/8

Koroni Hill Bar with live musicRock music live by Sonus Replica.

Start at 21:00

Old Vlachata near Sami – Saristra Festival  on 4-5-6 August

Saristra Festival KefaloniaSaristra festival at the deserted village of old Vlachata (Sami) with concerts, exhibitions, lectures and many other parallel events.

Entrance free


Skala – Natalie’s Hotel and Apartments

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday live music from 21:00-24:00

Agia Efimia – Mandolin concert on the pier,  3/8

Children’s mandolin concert, starting at 21:30

Argostoli – Live music at the Palmtree road (near the central square) on 3/8

Two bands playing Blues, Rock and Pop.  Start at 21:00.

Lixouri – Fish festival at Lixouri harbour on 2/8

Dance, wine, fish snacks and traditional Kantades at the Lixouri fish festival. Start at 21:00

SeaNema Open Air Film Festival from 31/7 – 3/8 on various beaches of Kefalonia, free entrance

SeaNema film festival event Kefalonia


31/7 Platis Gialos in Lassi and Lepeda in Lixouri at 21:30


 Platis Gialos on 1/8 at 21:30

Argostoli Marina (Drapano) on 1/8 at 21:30

Platis Gialos in Lassi on 2/8 at 21:30

Philharmonic School Argostoli on 2/8  19:00-20:30

Platis Gialos on 3/8 at 21:30

Anoula Beach in Karavomilos on 3/8 at 21:30

You can find a detailed program of the SeaNema open air film festival in Greek and English as a download:

Argostoli – Latin american rythms at Kabana Square on 30/7

Kefalonia live music in July


Grupo Buenaventura performs with latin american music. Start at 21:30


Faraklata – Music and dance on 30/7

Feast with live music, dance, food and drink. Start at 21:00

Svoronata – Ai Helis Beach on 30/7

Beach Party Ai Helis LeivathosBeach Party at the Watermill Beach Bar at Ai Helis beach


Fragata – Feast with live music on 29/7

Feast with live music and traditional dances. Start at 20:30

Argostoli – Songs of Manos Hatzidakis at Xenia on 29/7

David Nachmias, Babis Velisarios and Marianna Zachou with songs of Manos Hatzidakis. Start at 21:15

Spartia – Festival with music and dance on 29/7

Kefalonia live music and dance

Music, dance, food and drink in the yard of Spartia Kindergarten.

Start at 21:00


Agia Efimia – Larin american rythms at the pier on 29/7

“Grupo Buenaventura” with latin american rythms performing at the pier of Agia Efimia. Start at 21:30.

Lixouri – Latin american rythms on 28/7

“Grupo Buenaventura” with latin american rythms performing at Lixouri seaside. Start at 22:00.

Argostoli – Live music in the open stadium on 28/7

Live event in Argostoli

The Melisses & Dinos Anastasiadis live

Start: 21:30

Ticket: 12 Euro,  Pre sale: 10 Euro

Pre sale at: Cafe Soulatso, Kefalos Theatre, Book shop Stamatelatos

Argostoli – Choir on the main square on 28/7

Starting at 21:00

Skala – Musicians walking through Skala singing Kantades and Ariettes on Thursday, 27/7

Starting at 20:30 the group walks through Skala singing traditional Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes.

Poros – 3 days of events- 27- 28-29 July

Poros exhibitions27/7 : Children’s dance on the main square of Poros.

Singing group walks through Poros, singing traditional Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes, starting at 21:00.

28/7: Teenager’s dance on Poros main square.

Concert of the philharmonic orchestra.

29/7: Rewind the Band. Live Greek Rock, Pop & Rock and Roll.

 Fiskardo at the Fishbone Bar on 27/7

Brothers in Farms with live Rock and Blues.

Start at 22:00

Asprogeraka – Panigiri at Agia Paraskevi church on 25/7

Church feast at St.Paraskevi church in Asprogeraka with BBQ, music and dance.

Start after the evening service.

Troianata – Panigiri at Agia Paraskevi church on 25/7

Church feast at St.Paraskevi church in Troianata with BBQ, music and dance.

Start after the evening service.

Lakithra – Panigiri at Agia Anna church on 24/7

Church feast at St. Anna church in Lakithra with BBQ, music and dance.

Start after the evening service.

Argostoli – Magician Sankara on 24/7

Performance of magician Sankara in the yard of Xenia. Start at 21:30, entrance: 8 Euro

Dilinata – Cheese Festival from 23-28/7

6 days to show the tradition of cheese making and exhibition of local products in Dilinata. Starting at 20:30 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday at 19:00. On Friday celebration with music, dance and food at 21:00.

Lourdata – church of Agia Paraskevi on 23/7

Church feast of the church of Agia Paraskevi with BBQ, music and traditional dance. Start at 20:30

Assos on 23/7

Singing group walking through Assos singing Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes. Start 20:30

Fiskardo on 23/7

Singing group walking through Assos singing Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes. Start 22:00

Poros – at Poros port on 22/7

Sardine Festival. With wine, sardines, music and dance. Start at 20:00

Argostoli on 21/7

Rockomeladiko   Live music starting at 22:30

 Rasata – Church feast at the cyclopian walls on 19/7

Feast at the church of Prophet Ilias at the cyclopian walls of ancient Krane in the evening.

Poros – Exhibition of local products and Greek dance on 16/7

Starting at 19:00 on Poros Square

Taste local products like Kefalonian honey, wine, local sweets and many more. The dances start at 20:30.

Lixouri – main square on 16/7

Concert evening with the philharmonic orchestras of Nafpaktos and Lixouri. Start at 21:00

Argostoli on 16/7

Philharmonic music walk of the Argostoli philharmonic orchestra through Argostoli center, starting from the walkway between the main square  and Lithostroto, walking to Kambana square and on to the harbour front. Starting at 21:00.

Mount Ainos – below the old radar station on 15/7

Agios Eleftherios feast with food, drinks and music. Starting at 21:00.

Lakithra – Traverso Festival at Kalithea in Lakithra 14 & 15 & 16/7

Three days with theatre, music, poems and painting. Entrance free.

14/7: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and Soul live music.  Starting 20:30

15/7: Music, circus, theatre starting at 20:00

16/7: Feast with food and live music starting at 20:30

Every day from 18:30: activities for young and old. Every evening music and theatre events.

“Orchestra Mikis Theodorakis” presents music and songs from theatre and film. 15/7 at 9:30 at Xenia in Argostoli

Entrance: 15 Euro

Pre sale tickets: 13 Euro

Pre sale at: Theatre Argostoli, Cafe Baroque Argostoli and bookstore Happy House in Lixouri.

Klismata – Paliolinos  on 15/7

Feast in Klismata. Start 20:30


Live music at Bee’s Knees in Argostoli on 14/7

Disconnected live at Bee’s Knees on Friday, 14/7 at 22:30




Lixouri – Musicians walking through Lixouri singing Kantades and Ariettes on Thursday, 13/7

Starting at 21:00 the group walks around the pedestrian street and along the waterfront.

Agia Efimia – Procession of the Holy Icon on 11/7

Starting at 20:00. After the litany live music, drink and food.

Argostoli – Singing group walking through Argostoli singing Kefalonian Kantades and Ariettes on Sunday, 9/7

At 21:30 the group starts from Kabana Square, walking down the Pedestrian street and until the port police.


Paliki – Live music at Baywatch Beach Bar at Xi on 9/7

Sunday, 9/7 at 21:00 live

Heads or Tails


Argostoli at the new pedestrian street near the main square – live music of the new band Συνήθης ύποπτοι (Usual Suspects) on Saturday, 8/7 at 21:30


Poros – Traditional Greek dances at the open theatre of Poros

Saturday, 8/7 at 20:30


Argostoli – Katavothres Club presents Playmen on 8/7

Saturday, 8/7 from 23:00

Party at Ammos Beach Bar at Skala Beach on 7/7

Friday Night Fever party at Ammos Beach Bar, Skala beach front

Starting at 23:00

Sami – Traditional Greek Dances on 7/7

Traditional dances in Sami

Aigialos performs Greek dances

Main square Sami on Saturday, 7/7


Live music at the Fishbone Bar in Fiskardo on 6/7

Waltteri Giakoumatos with Country and Rock ballads at the Fishbone Bar on Thursday,  6/7 at 21:30

 Troiannata – Old Time Cafe & Taverna

Traditional Greek food and handmade crafts

Old time taverna in TroiannataTraditional handmade crafts Kefalonia


Opening Party of the Summer Dance Festival on 2/7

Mojito Beach Bar Restaurant 

Antisamos Beach from 15:00


Panigiri – Church feast in honour of Virgin Mary of Diotissa on 1/7

Celebration with live music, BBQ, wine and traditional dance.


Rockomeladiko   30/6    Rewind the Band  live 22:00


Kefalonia Gym Festival “Anna Pollatou”

Lixouri main square- 30/6  – Presentation of the athletic groups 20:00-22:00.
Fragata Square – 1/7 – Presentation of the athletic groups 20:00-22:00. Afterwards live music and dance.
Argostoli at “Antonis Tritsis”  – 2/7 – Presentation of all athletic groups, starting 18:30



Traditional Dances Festival on 1/7 at the school yard, starting 20:30

Fiskardo – live music

Live music at The Fishbone Bar on 30/6 with the Singapore Strings and Waltteri Giakoumatos.

 Paliki / Vatsa Beach

SpiaggaVatsa Taverna

Vatsa BeachParty for 20 years VatsaSpiagga Taverna with Boozer Groove live
Live Jazz & Funk
Friday, 30 June at 20:00 to 00:00
15 Euro per person for food and drink
Entrance free


Argostoli / Kokilia    

Asteria   30/6

Singing: Irini Papadopoulou

Telephone for reservations: 2671026749


Anassa Restaurant Bar at the beach road

Every Monday live music with Holly. Everything from Rock to Pop

Avra Restaurant Bar at the beach road

Every Sunday live music with Holly from classic Rock to Pop


Elfie, Phil and Roj gigs for Summer 2017:

Mondays – Sotiris Hotel in Svoronata (20:15 – 23:00)

Tuesdays – Da Veronica Bar in Lassi (21:30 – 24:00)

Fridays – Pikiona Restaurant Bar in Skala (21:00 – 23:30)

Friday,  7-7 / 11-8 / 1-9  Muses Bar in Lourdas (21:30 – 24:00)


Between Svoronata and Avithos

Church ton Agion Apostolon. Feast with food and drink on 29/6


Katavothres Club – 12 years anniversary sunset party from 18:00-1:00 on 25/6


Aqua Marina Restaurant Cafe Bar – Live Greek music and dance on Wednesday and Saturday nights

Tsogia Taverna – Greek night with live Bouzouki music every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 20:00


Kefalonia live music at Mescalero

Mescalero Café Bar

Rooftop opening Party  25/6



Crazy George Bar

Every Thursday live music from 20:00

Legends Bar

Tuesdays – Holly with Rock & Pop from 21:00

Wednesdays – Holly with Pop & Pop from 21:00

Wednesdays – Quiz night from 21:45

Akropolis Restaurant

Every Friday Greek night with live music


Andromeda Restaurant

Every Thursday Greek Night. Every Mondays Jazz, Funk & Disco


Festival on the main square with live music, dance and food on 25/6

Fiskardo area


Kefalonia events

Taverna Vegera   Every Tuesday and Saturday live music and BBQ with spit-roasted specialities.

On Tuesdays wine festival with open wine and free refills.


Ionion Taverna  Live Greek music every Wednesday