From Skala by motorboat

Skala Beach

From Skala by motorboat

Kefalonia’s southern coastline is blessed with stunningly beautiful beaches. You can find every kind of beach along the south coast: soft, sandy beaches, shingle beaches and some with pebbles or with clay.

Starting from Skala in the south of Kefalonia, the suggested route leads up northwards towards Poros and beyond. On route you find little bays and coves with secluded beaches, some of them accessible only by boat.

You will probably not be able to cruise westwards towards Katelios as, according to the boat rental, the wind and the waves pick up from an unfavourable direction in the afternoons, so the sea can get rather choppy.

Skala itself has a beautiful long pebble/sand beach with translucent waters. This stretch of beach is over two kilometres long. Part of the beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas but if you like to be away from the crowds just go further down the beach to find a quiet spot. There is a cafeteria/taverna on the beach, but there are also cafes and restaurants behind the beach. Water sports of all kinds are offered.

Pebble beach of Skala

The long beach of Skala

If you hire a motorboat you should not forget to have water and some food with you as not all the beaches have a cafeteria or restaurant nearby. And although there are many sandy beaches you might want to take beach shoes with you to wear on the pebble beaches. You also need your mobile phone to be able to contact the boat hire staff, if necessary.

As mentioned in boat hire tips, you can cruise within three nautical miles from the point of your boat rental. Please check with your boat rental for the furthest point you can go by boat.


Heading north from Skala

Your cruise towards Poros takes you along a rocky coastline with small secluded coves and tiny sandy or pebble beaches. Then, along the road, there is a narrow stretch of beach.

Following the road between Skala and Poros

Beach between Poros and Skala

Not far from Skala, before you reach Poros, you will find the cove Kako Lagadi.

Kako Lagadi: This cove with its tiny white pebbled beach is a little hideaway. It is an ideal place to snorkel in the crystal clear water and discover the underwater world along the rocks.

Poros: There are two parts of Poros. Coming from Skala you reach Poros harbour, where the ferry boat from Killini docks. There are some shops and restaurants around the harbour bay. Passing the harbour you reach the pleasant little town of Poros. Right in front of the square, there is a smallish sand and pebble beach. Behind the beach are restaurants, cafés and shops.

Poros town beach


Only a few hundred metres from here is the bigger and longer beach, which offers sunbeds and umbrellas and also tavernas and cafes.

The coast between Poros and Antisamos: From Poros onwards starts a beautiful coastline that stretches north until the bay of Antisamos, near Sami. There are no villages or hotels. It is one of the most secluded parts of Kefalonia. You can find several bays with white beaches along this coastline, as for example the Makria Petra beach, where you can anchor and enjoy the solitude.

Please check with your boat rental for the furthest beaches that are within the distance limit.