Katelios with Agia Barbara beach

From Katelios by motorboat

Katelios in Kefalonia’s south has a long beach, Agia Barbara, which starts at one end of the long bay and stretches into the lovely village of Katelios and beyond. Part of the beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar. The smaller beach in front of the villages is lined by trees. Cafes and restaurants are situated behind the beach.

Motoring east from Katelios will bring you to beautiful Mounda Bay with its lovely long sandy beaches Kaminia and Potamakia. Continuing eastwards you will reach the long pebble beach of Skala with crystal clear water.

Sea turtles Caretta Caretta

Please note that most of the sandy beaches along the south coast are turtle nesting places. Please never approach turtles when laying their eggs in the sand in early summer. And never pick up little turtles to help them into the sea, should you be fortunate enough to watch them hatch in late summer. If you see marked areas on the beach, it means that there are nests in the sand.

Loggerhead turtle

Caretta Caretta

Going west towards Lourdas, you will first cruise along the rocky coast, finding several small coves with tiny secluded beaches. Further west there are the beautiful beaches of Koroni, Lefka and Paradisi until you reach the beach of Lourdas.

Please check with your boat rental for the furthest beach within the limit you are allowed to go. There is a three nautical mile limit you can sail from the point where you hire your boat (boat hire tips).

Always take water and some snacks with you as there are several secluded beaches without beach bars or tavernas. Don’t forget the snorkelling equipment for some underwater experience. Also, have your mobile phone with you to be able to contact the boat rental in case of a problem.


From Katelios eastwards

Between Katelios and Skala you will find Mounda Bay with its long beaches.

Mounda Bay: Mounda has a length of almost 3km and two beaches, Kaminia and Potamakia. Here you enter turtle land and should be careful where you stick your umbrella into the beach as it is possible that there are turtle eggs in the sand. This is one of the most important beaches on Kefalonia for the Caretta sea turtles to nest. Small marked areas on the beach indicate that there are nests.

 Kaminia: Kaminia is a large, sandy beach, long and wide. A part of the beach is organized with a beach bar and some restaurants. There are sunbeds and umbrellas but also lots of space if you prefer a more secluded area on the beach. Even in high season, you will not have the impression that the beach is crowded.

Potamakia: This is a quiet beach with fine sand, accessible by car from Ratzakli village above, but never really busy. This beach is used sometimes also by nudists because of its seclusion. Potamakia is directly connected with Kaminia Beach.

Mounda bay beaches near Skala

Mounda Bay with its long beaches

Skala beach: Skala has a beautiful long pebble/sand beach with translucent waters. This stretch of beach is around two kilometres long. Parts of the beach offer sunbeds and umbrellas but if you like to get a quiet place just go further down the beach. You find a cafeteria/taverna on the beach, but there are also restaurants, mini markets and cafes behind the beach, along the main road. Water sports of all kinds are offered.

Skala beach through pine trees

Skala Beach


From Katelios westwards towards Lourdas

Koroni: After having passed some tiny secluded beaches along the rocky, steep coastline you will reach Koroni. This is a quiet sand/pebble beach with wonderful turquoise coloured water. There are a few sunbeds and umbrellas and there is a beach bar providing drinks and snacks.

Koroni beach view from above

Koroni Beach

Lefka: The next beach along from Koroni beach is the secluded beach of Lefki which is not accessible by car.

Paradisi: This is a secluded beach with fine sand, not accessible by car.

Lourdas Beach: The beautiful, long beach is a shingle-sand mix, organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Cafes and restaurants are situated behind the beach across the road.


Lourdata Beach

Lourdas Beach