Boats in Agia Efimia

Agia Efimia

Beaches by motorboat from Agia Efimia

Setting off by boat from Agia Efimia you have two choices. Either you go south towards Sami, where you find pretty little beaches and tiny coves, all of them with pebbles and clear turquoise water. Or you can head north and choose one of the lovely secluded beaches along the east coast between Agia Efimia and Fiskardo.

The beaches along the coast to Sami are not really secluded as they are accessible from the road. So if you look for totally secluded bays should head north towards Fiskardo. Here you can find bays which you will have to yourself.

As described in boat hire tips, you are allowed to cruise three nautical miles in each direction.

Don’t forget to take water and snacks with you because most of the beaches and coves between Agia Efimia and Fiskardo have no canteens. Aso, your feet will be grateful if you remember to take beach sandals with you to make walking on the pebble and shingle beaches easier. Moreover, don’t set off without snorkel equipment. The coastlines in the north promise great snorkelling experience.

Heading south from Agia Efimia towards Sami

Agia Paraskevi: Halfway between Agia Efimia and Sami, having passed several small coves with tiny pebble beaches, you will find Agia Paraskevi. This is a beach with big pebbles. A restaurant is situated above this small beach, serving drinks and meals. Their garden stretches down to the beach, with sunbeds placed in the grass under trees, offering shade. Next to it, there is a slightly longer beach without facilities.

Agia Paraskevi beach near Agia Efimia

Agia Paraskevi Beach

Karavomilos: There is a pebble beach with a restaurant above, beautifully situated below eucalyptus trees. Next to it, you find a waterwheel and a pond with ducks and geese. This pond is fed by the water coming from Katavothres (near Argostoli), flowing through nearby Melissani Lake and from there through the pond back into the sea, moving the water wheel.

The beach is a nice pebble beach but above all, it is the lovely setting that makes it worth staying here for a while.

Sami Beach at the end of the town: Coming from Karavomilos into Sami you will find a sandy beach just before coming into town. There are sunbeds and umbrellas here and nearby there are cafes and restaurants. You have beautiful views over the Gulf of Sami and to the neighbouring island of Ithaca.

Sami-Karavomilos Beach

Beach between Sami and Karavomilos

Cruising north from Agia Efimia towards Fiskardo

There are a few beaches just outside Agia Efimia before you reach the first bigger bay.

Roboli Bay: This is a secluded bay with a pebble beach and calm waters, only approximately ten minutes from Agia Efimia. It is ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Leaving Roboli there are several more small bays and little coves every five or ten minutes as you are motoring north. Every one of them offers beautiful views over to the neighbouring island of Ithaca. They all are great for snorkelling around the rock formations and you cannot get tired of the turquoise, transparent water.

Roboli between Fiskardo and Ag.Efimia

Roboli Bay

Giagana: Giagana is a picturesque bay with trees reaching down to the beach. This beach is not totally secluded but not easily reachable by car. Here some goats might greet you under the olive trees, giving the place a peaceful atmosphere.

Chorgota (also found as Gorgota or Horgota): This beach was used for filming some scenes of the film “Corelli’s Mandolin” with Penelope Cruz and Nicholas Cage. However, only two stumps of what had been the jetty, built by the film crew, show out of the water.

As several other bays in this area also Chorgota is blessed with lush vegetation. So you can find shade during the hot hours under Olive trees, enjoying the tranquillity and lovely views over the sea.

Agia Sofia: The bay has two beaches, divided by a few houses which were deserted after the 1953 earthquake.

Both beaches are pebble beaches with trees reaching down to the sea. In high season there is a canteen for drinks and snacks.

Agia Sofia beach in Kefalonia, Greece

                                       Agia Sofia Bay                                                  Photo: K.Ommert

Agia Sofia is probably the limit to go north by motorboat if you started from Agia Efimia. Hence you should check with your boat rental if Paradise Beach and the fish farms are within your mile limit.