Kefalonia tipps for travellers

With local buses to the Kefalonia highlights

I had never thought that I would say this sentence … ever. But here it is: Why not take the local buses on Kefalonia to see Melissani or go to Myrtos Beach? Hop on the KTEL bus and you can… Continue Reading →

What’s on in Kefalonia

Kefalonia live music, events, festivals, church feasts, Greek nights and more Kefalonia live music and events coming up soon. Please contact me if you know of more events all over Kefalonia and I will include them in my updates. Vasilikades… Continue Reading →

Assos – Village with a touch of magic

Assos in Kefalonia Imagine you were a Venetian soldier at Assos castle in Kefalonia 400 years ago. Melting heat lies heavy over the bay as you are walking up the dusty pathway that leads to the fortress high above you…. Continue Reading →

Collecting Cistus on Kefalonia

The pink Rockrose on Kefalonia Springtime in Kefalonia. Among the abundance of beautiful flowers, there is one that goes almost unnoticed. The lovely pink Rockrose with the botanical name Cistus is a small shrub and its pink or white flowers… Continue Reading →

On the roads of Kefalonia

Driving on the roads of Kefalonia can be very enjoyable once you get used to certain local habits regarding driving and parking. You should also know some facts about the roads. If it is your first time in a car or… Continue Reading →

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