Fishing boat in FiskardoFiskardo beaches by boat

In Kefalonia’s north, around Fiskardo, there are countless beautiful bays and sheltered coves with pebble beaches and crystal clear water. Several of them are secluded, reachable only by boat. They are ideal for snorkelling, swimming or just sunbathing, enjoying the tranquillity in a lovely place.

Remember to take water and some snacks with you as most of the beaches and coves between Fiskardo and Agia Efimia have no canteens or tavernas. Useful utensils to take with you are beach shoes to make walking on the pebble and shingle beaches easier. Also, don’t set off without snorkel equipment as this coastline promises a great snorkelling experience. Don’t forget your mobile phone in case you need to contact the boat hire office.

If you hire a boat from Fiskardo you have the option to either go further north/northwest to find the beaches of Emblisi and Dafnoudi or head south along the eastern coastline towards Agia Efimia. You can also motor over to the neighbouring island Ithaca. As mentioned in boat hire tips you are allowed to go three nautical miles in each direction.

Beaches north/northwest from Fiskardo

Emblisi Beach: This lovely shingle beach is frequented also by locals. There is a beach bar with snacks and drinks. With its sheltered bay, this beach is great for snorkelling. In high season it can become quite busy as it is not a secluded bay but reachable by car and on foot from Fiskardo.

Emblisi beach is marked as a swimming area which means that you cannot go near the beach with your boat but need to anchor at a distance to swimmers.

Emblissi beach near Fiskardo

Emblissi beach

Dafnoudi: This small beach is secluded as it can be reached only on foot through the woods. Chances are good that you find it deserted. The beach consists of big pebbles but is beautiful for swimming and snorkelling. This is the western limit to go by motorboat. Check with the boat hire staff if the next bay Kimilia is within the limit.

Along the east coast from Fiskardo

 Foki Bay: Only a few kilometres south of Fiskardo, this pebble beach is surrounded by trees offering shade on hot summer days. It is a sheltered bay with calm waters, ideal for snorkelling. There is a little taverna across the road for drinks and meals.

At Foki Bay you have to keep your distance to the swimmers and the beach with your motorboat, anchoring on either side of the bay.

Foki Beach

Foki Bay

Leaving Foki Beach, as you motor southwards along the coast you will find several little coves, sometimes tiny, named and unnamed.

Evreti: One of the secluded bays is Evreti, near the small island of Daskalio (also called Asteris). Evreti has a small pebble beach with beautiful turquoise waters.

Continuing south you will reach the fish farms. This is the southern limit you can go by motorboat if you have started from Fiskardo. Please check with your boat rental if Paradise beach and Agia Sofia are out of the three nautical mile limit.

Cruising over to Ithaca

From Fiskardo it is only a short distance to the neighbouring island of Ithaca. Just keep in mind that the wind picks up in the afternoon, so it can be a bit choppy if you return to the Kefalonia coast later in the day.

 Polis Bay: This is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar. So why not go over to Polis Bay for a drink and a snack? You can even walk up the (very steep) road to the village of Stavros, where you can find cafes and tavernas. Mooring is easy in Polis Bay.

If you prefer secluded beaches you can find several smaller beaches near Polis bay, mostly with pebbles.

Polis Bay on Ithaca

Polis Bay, Ithaca

Should you want to go further north, as far as Aphales Bay, this has to be agreed with your boat rental. You leave the calm waters of the Kefalonia-Ithaca straits going that far north, which is not as safe anymore. Also, it might be out of the three nautical miles limit.