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Argostoli harbour

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Starting your cruise from the port of Argostoli by motorboat you have a variety of options. You could stay in the Argostoli/Lixouri gulf, pass the fish farms and make your way around the gulf. There are several secluded little beaches along the rocky coast, accessible only by boat, and long stretches of beach along the Lixouri side of the gulf coast. If you want a leisurely cruise in calm waters, this could be your choice.

Opting for a tour south towards Lassi and Minies, this would offer you several beautiful sandy beaches. Most of them are not secluded though, some very popular and busy, for example, Makris Gialos in Lassi. The cruise along this coastline is a lovely journey passing pine forests, white cliffs, and some small bays before you reach the Minies beaches near the airport.

Heading west, over to the Paliki peninsula, will take you past the Fanari lighthouse and then over towards Lixouri, the main town of Paliki. Sometimes there are dolphins in this area, so keep a lookout for them. There are some lovely sandy beaches on the Paliki side such as Lepeda, the nearest one to Lixouri, or the red sanded Xi beach. Read about these beaches on beaches by boat from Vatsa Bay.

Your boat hire staff will let you know the furthest beach you are allowed to travel to within your mile limit, as already mentioned in boat hire tips.

Although there are not many totally secluded beaches en route, you should always have water and some snacks with you. Also, your mobile phone is an important item to carry with you, just in case you need to contact the boat rental.


From Argostoli port south towards Minies

Leaving the port of Argostoli, keep to the left side of the shore. Your cruise will take you along a coastline with pine forests reaching down to the sea.

Passing the waterwheel of Katavothres, before reaching the Fanari lighthouse, you will see the narrow Fanari beach in front of the Argostoli camping site. This is a beach with the road above and along with it.

Continuing south from Fanari and passing the lighthouse, there will soon be some tiny coves with small beaches. Interesting for a swim and exploring some caves could be Kamaroules, which are small sea caves.

Beach near Fanari

Cove near Fanari lighthouse

Gradakia: Gradakia is a small beach with dark sand, organized with sunbeds and a bar offering drinks and snacks. It becomes quite busy in the summer.

After having passed the busy beach of the Mediterranee hotel, you will reach Paliostafida beach: It is small but charming, with sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen for drinks and snacks.

Gradakia Beach in Lassi


Makris Gialos: This is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kefalonia. With golden, fine sand and clear blue sea, it is situated below pine trees in Lassi. At Makris Gialos you will find sunbeds, umbrellas and every kind of water sports you can wish for. The beach bar serves also to the sunbed area if you like. Furthermore, there are toilet facilities, changing huts and showers.

In July and August, the beach is very busy. At that time of the summer, you can enjoy a quiet time if you go for a swim early in the morning.

Watersports at Makris Gialos

Makris Gialos beach in Lassi

Platis Gialos: Platis Gialos is situated right next to Makris Gialos. With the same soft sand and beautiful clear sea, it is much shorter. These two beaches are separated from each other only by a rock formation.

Platis Gialos beach in Lassi, Kefalonia

Platis Gialos in Lassi

Continuing south nature changes from pine trees above you to steep white cliffs. Here you will find some coves with small beaches, some of them accessible only by boat.

White Rocks Beach: Just before reaching Spasmata beach near the airport you will find a secluded beach called White Rocks. This one lies below shiny white cliffs and is reachable only by boat.

This beach is reachable from Argostoli by motorboat

White Rocks beach near Spasmata

Spasmata: When you reach the sandy Spasmata beach you can choose the organized part of the beach, with sunbeds, umbrellas and a nice beach bar. Kajaks and paddleboards are for rent at the beach bar.

Watersports at Spasmata beach bar

Sunset at Spasmata Beach Bar

Alternatively, you head to the less busy part to the left, without sunbeds but beautiful clear water. The shallow waters make it a good beach for families with small children.

This is the first of the three beaches in Minies, situated near Kefalonia airport.


Megali Ammos and Eglina: A few hundred metres away from Spasmata are the other two Minies beaches. Megali Ammos is the long, sandy beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar.

Eglina beach is separated from the bigger Megali Ammos by a small rock formation. Being smaller this is not an organized beach.

Megali Ammos near Minies

Minies Beach Megali Ammos

Ammes: Continuing south from Eglina you reach Ammes Beach, a beautiful sandy beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and a beach bar. Due to the nearby airport, you can see the planes at take-off and landing. In high season Ammes can become quite busy.

Ammes Beach in Svoronata, Kefalonia

Ammes Beach in Svoronata


Ask your boat rental, which is the furthest beach you are allowed to cruise to, staying within your mile limit.